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Resurfacing Solutions in Knoxville TN Can Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom
Resurfacing Solutions in Knoxville TN Can Remodel Your Bathroom

Resurfacing Solutions in Knoxville TN Can Remodel Your Bathroom
Refinish, resurface, or replace? That's a common question we hear in home improvement, where brand new appliances and shiny new fixtures often convince homeowners to gut their homes and start completely from scratch.

However, your bathroom remodel doesn't need to mean a complete replacement of everything from the toilet to the ceiling tiles. Our bathtub refinishing can offer significant savings and benefits to you as a homeowner in Knoxville TN.

Cabinet refacing is one of the most popular types of remodeling projects that takes an existing feature in your home and retains some of the original while creating a new look for your kitchen. Similarly, improving the appearance of your driveway with resurfacing rather than full replacement is a common home improvement project.

Did you know that you can apply the same mentality to your bathroom? Your remodeling project doesn't necessarily mean that you must replace every item inside it. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Refinish a bathtub and stay on budget
  • Retain the vintage beauty of your bathtub
  • Engage in eco-friendly remodeling with refinishing
Refinishing Your Bathtub Means Sticking to Your Budget

One factor that dooms some home improvement projects is the inaccurate estimate of the cost for the project. Another problem is a homeowner assuming he or she can cover the budget even though it's a little higher than anticipated.

Choosing to purchase an entirely new bathtub can cost you thousands of dollars when you invest in a quality tub and pay for the labor and installation. On the other hand, refinishing and repairing features already installed in your bathroom, such as your bathtub, can help you realize savings on the overall cost of the project.

You can use those savings to invest in other areas of your home, as well as to splurge on a few luxury features. If you can save thousands on your bathtub, maybe you can afford to have something amazing like heated floors installed during your bathroom remodel.

Refinish Your Old Bathtub for a Classy, Vintage Look

Bathtub Repair Services in Knoxville

Bathroom Repair Services in Knoxville

If the bathtub in your home was installed when the home was built, it could be several decades old. With time and the general wear and tear seen on the average bathtub, it might look terrible at this point. However, refinishing the bathtub could mean reclaiming the vintage beauty or charm of an old bathtub.

Manufacturers today offer all sorts of bathroom features that are designed to evoke a past era, and refinishing your bathtub means taking advantage of what you already own.

While every bathtub might not be a candidate for the cool, vintage look, sticking to the current style in your bathroom can ensure it matches the rest of your house and isn't an ultra modern space while the rest of your home features a vintage look.

Refinishing and Resurfacing is an Environmentally Friendly Choice

In an age where many Americans replace their smart phones every two years even though their old phones work just fine, resisting the urge to replace everything in your life can have a positive impact on your budget, as well as on the health of the planet.

Some home remodeling choices can have a positive effect on the environment, and many homeowners replace old, energy-hogging appliances with super energy-efficient models. Replacing a bathtub with a new model isn't going to save you any money in electricity costs, so throwing away a bathtub in your home rather than refinishing it just means you're adding to the world's landfills.

If it turns out your bathtub cannot be salvaged, you may wish to investigate options for repurposing or recycling it. Every effort to recycle, refinish, and reuse helps, according to Habitat for Humanity, and it's even one of the best ways to save money on your remodel.

Consider Refinishing in Your Bathroom

Consider bathtub refinishing from Resurfacing Solutions of Knoxville TN. We can help whether you're embarking on a major remodel or you're simply looking for a few beautiful upgrades to your bathroom. We'd love to help you revitalize your outdated or damaged bathtub with beautiful bathtub refinishing.

Call us at (865) 245-5699 to get started on your bathroom refinishing project.

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