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Kitchen Transformations in Knoxville Tennessee, Resurfacing Solutions

Kitchen Transformations in Knoxville Tennessee, Resurfacing Solutions
Kitchen Transformations in Knoxville Tennessee - "DON’T REPLACE, RESURFACE!"

Kitchen Transformations in Knoxville Tennessee 

A total kitchen transformation often inspires some of the most dramatic changes in a home, and creating a beautiful new place for your family and dinnertime may require months of planning and some serious investment. The budget for a kitchen remodel is important because updating that room in your home can come with a staggering price tag. However, it's certainly not the only facet of kitchen remodeling that you should think about as you begin your plan for a beautiful, new space. In fact, writing down your goals for your new kitchen can help you spend money where it will have the most significant impact on the final look, feel, and function of the room.  

Will you...  

...knock out a wall and give yourself more space to cook?  
...reroute the plumbing to accommodate a new layout?
...resurface everything and purchase brand new appliances to match?  
...pair your kitchen transformation with remodeling in other rooms of your home?

Getting more space is one of the most popular reasons homeowners renovate their kitchens, but some families plan their kitchen remodel Knoxville TN with a focus on function more than the final size of the space. You may wish to show your questions to the kitchen remodelers you choose for the project. A professional can quickly answer questions you have about feasibility, cost, and saving money. 

Consider Kitchen Resurfacing for a Dramatic, Cost-Saving Update 

 Here are some of the surfaces you can have resurfaced, which will give you the brand new look you want without the full cost of replacement:
  • Countertops – Consider a finished stone pattern or choose a custom color to match an existing color scheme in your kitchen. The process usually just takes a single day to complete.
  • Cabinets – Replacing cabinets can come with the biggest price tag of any project in your kitchen. Resurfacing your cabinets can help you save around 60 percent on the final cost.
  • Floors – Refinishing a floor can not only improve the appearance of your kitchen, but it can add class and value to your home should you decide to sell it.
Do you have a commercial kitchen? We can help there, too.

One of the best reasons to resurface the features in your kitchen is that you can save money on those dramatic countertop, cabinet, and flooring transformations while spending a bit extra on expensive appliances or other brand new features. Perhaps you've always wanted one of those super-quiet dishwashers that blend in with the bottom cabinets or a wall-mounted faucet for filling your pots. You may also wish to update the floors in your kitchen and bathrooms at the same time. Create a harmonizing motif throughout your home while saving money with a single bathroom and kitchen remodel Knoxville TN plan rather than several small appointments.  

Ask Your Kitchen Remodelers About Kitchen Resurfacing 

 Contact Resurfacing Solutions of Knoxville, TN for information on how kitchen resurfacing can help you transform one of your family's favorite spaces. Families often spend time hanging out and having fun in the kitchen, and spending time with the family is always more fun when it's in a beautiful, new space. We'd love to help you reclaim, refinish, and renew your Knoxville kitchen.

Call us at (865) 245-5699 start planning your kitchen transformation.

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