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Ceramic Tile Refinishing & Installer in Knoxville TN

Ceramic Tile Refinishing & Installer in Knoxville TN

Concrete Floor Resurfacing, Tile Resurfacing

Concrete Floor Resurfacing, Tile Resurfacing

Tile can truly change the look of any room! 

New tile on a wall, floor or kitchen back-splash can take a room from “Blah to Bling” very quickly! New tile in any area is certainly worth the cost! But what about old existing tile? What about those bathrooms that have tile halfway up the wall all the way around? What if that tile is pink, blue, avocado green, harvest gold? What about these areas? What about tile on a bath or laundry floor that doesn’t provide the look you want? What about that kitchen back-splash that is horribly outdated? Before you consider tearing out these tiled areas consider this option, refinishing or re-glazing the tile.

What does it mean to refinish or re-glaze tile? At Resurfacing Solutions we are the experts at taking an outdated tiled area and putting a brand new finish on it, completely changing the look of your room! Tile has a very slick surface, making it hard for regular paint to adhere to it. Regular paint or even paint advertised as “Tile Paint” will ultimately began to flake and peel. At Resurfacing Solutions our materials that we use comes from a formula similar to what NASA uses on their space craft parts. Highly industrial and when the surface is prepped the right way and materials applied correctly it is on there to stay!

If you decide to go the alternate route, which is a total tear out and complete replacement of tile on a wall, floor or back-splash in kitchen, consider this. When pulling tile off the wall its highly likely that you will also tear part of the sheet rocked wall. There will be wall repairs before you can lay new tile. The tear out is messy. The process of setting new tile and installing it is time consuming. Grouting can be difficult and time consuming. At Resurfacing Solutions we can refinish a tiled surface in one day and there is NO mess. And unless you are an expert DIYer, you will save around 60%-70% from hiring it out to someone.

In conclusion, DON’T REPLACE, RESURFACE! Save time and money. We offer a 5 year warranty on all our finishes. What do you have to lose? Resurfacing Solutions offers multi-project discounts and we do free in home consultations. Visit our website or our Facebook page for lots of before and after pics, videos, read reviews and find lots of helpful information. Call today for your FREE consultation! Resurfacing Solutions 865 245 5699

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